Headache/Migraine Relief

Experience headache relief in Gun Barrel City, TX, after working with Dr. Angel Santiago of Santiago Family Chiropractic.

Why Am I Experiencing Headaches?

Headaches are disruptive and capable of affecting your quality of life. You may have difficulty getting any work done as soon as your head starts pounding. Even relaxing may prove to be impossible due to the discomfort it causes.

But why do we experience headaches? What is the source of the discomfort we are forced to deal with?

Unfortunately, headaches can be difficult to manage due in large part to their triggers. Headaches are associated with various illnesses and injuries, so you must narrow the field down before you can even start treatment.

One potential cause of your chronic headaches is a neck injury. Any injury that affects the pain receptors in your neck can also trigger headaches. Even spine injuries are capable of producing headaches.

The headaches you’re experiencing may also be caused by stress. Stress can cause the connective tissues around the head and neck to tighten up. If that happens, the pain receptors in that part of your body may again start acting up.

Older individuals with arthritis may also experience headaches more frequently. Check out if arthritis could be the cause of your headaches if you’ve been suffering from more headaches recently.

Certain risk factors also make people more susceptible to headaches. Those risk factors include a lack of exercise, poor diet, and bad posture. The headaches are likely to continue until you do something about those risk factors.

Obtain headache relief in Gun Barrel City, TX, by seeking treatment from Dr. Santiago of Santiago Family Chiropractic.

How Can a Chiropractor Provide Headache Relief?

You should schedule a consultation with a chiropractor if you’ve been struggling with headaches recently. They can handle your treatment from start to finish and offer the relief you badly need.

To get started, the chiropractor will ask questions and conduct tests to determine the cause of your chronic headaches. The chiropractor can begin treatment once they understand your condition better.

Chiropractors can use spinal adjustments to address misalignments along your neck and spine. By addressing those injuries, they can also alleviate the headaches associated with them. Your chiropractor can also use soft tissue therapies to loosen up the muscles around your neck and ease the tension that has built up there. They can also help you manage osteoarthritis.

Following treatment, your chiropractor can give you diet, exercise, and posture tips so you can get in better shape. Those tips will help you avoid recurring headaches.

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