Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

At Santiago Family Chiropractic, serving Gun Barrel City TX, and the general vicinity, our Dr. Angel Santiago is often asked if a chiropractic adjustment is going to hurt. We'd like to take a moment to inform you of what you can expect, especially since we offer gentle chiropractic adjustments. 

Pain or No Pain 

As a general rule, you won't feel pain from a chiropractic adjustment. Sometimes, you'll feel a slight bit of pressure or a stretch, but certainly no pain. 

When you visit our Gun Barrel City, TX, office, our practitioner makes it a point to provide you with a treatment that's comfortable and won't make matters worse or make the problem worse before improving it. While alignments are pain-free, we go the extra step to offer gentle chiropractic adjustments that effectively heal, manage pain, or prevent problems in the future. 

How a Gentle Alignment Is Different 

With a gentle alignment, our chiropractor will shift your vertebrae slightly, just like a standard alignment. However, Dr. Santiago will pay special attention to being gentle on the spine. This is especially beneficial if you already have sore muscles, an injured disc, osteoporosis, arthritis, or another similar problem. 

We may use a tool to aid in the process. This means there's less direct physical contact between the practitioner and you. It's also possible to better control the pressure in this manner. 

Determining the Appropriate Course of Action 

We may decide you need a gentle adjustment based on your medical condition or health history. We can also arrange for this if you decide that's what you'd prefer. 

At the beginning of your appointment, you'll fill out paperwork about any conditions, injuries, or surgeries you had or have.

What to Expect After a Gentle Adjustment

After gentle chiropractic adjustments, you may feel less pain and discomfort. Your range of motion may slightly increase from the treatment, though this gradually happens, and isn't always noticeable after one treatment.

 You, however, won't feel any pain and can resume living your life as usual once you leave our office. 

At Santiago Family Chiropractic, serving Gun Barrel City, TX, and the general vicinity, Dr. Santiago can provide you with gentle chiropractic adjustments, so even if you suffer from an issue that affects your bones or causes you a great deal of pain, you may still reap the rewards of chiropractic adjustments. 

Discover for yourself how a gentle approach to chiropractic care can benefit you by dialing 972-956-8297.

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