If you’re suffering from any type of pain from your head to your feet, Dr. Angel Santiago at Santiago Chiropractic in Gun Barrel City, TX, offers chiropractic adjustments and other techniques to bring you relief.

The Role of Adjustments in Chiropractic Treatment and General Health

The term adjustments is mentioned often, and the technique is well-known in chiropractic care. However, not everyone understands what adjustments are, how they work, or the many benefits they provide. Below, Dr. Santiago and the team at Santiago Chiropractic in Gun Barrel City, TX, share this important information and more about chiropractic adjustments.

They Restore Health and Balance to the Body

Most people think of their skeletal system as just the bones that hold them upright and help them move. However, the skeletal system is surrounded by nerves, discs, muscles, and various other tissues. Each of these components plays an integral role in your general health, function, mobility, and daily life.

If there is a misalignment in the bones, it puts excess pressure on the other components, which can cause pain, tension, health issues, and headaches. Adjustments help correct the issues caused by misalignment so that your body can heal and function at its best.

They Treat a Wide Range of Issues

You’re probably aware that adjustments are used for treating neck and back pain, but they don’t stop there. Adjustments can be performed throughout the body to help relieve hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and foot pain. Additionally, as adjustments help restore nerve function, they help relieve various symptoms of health conditions, improve sleep, increase energy, and much more.

There Is More Than One Type

Most people are aware of traditional adjustments, which often involve twisting and manually controlled force. However, there are also much gentler techniques for those who are uncomfortable with or unable to withstand the traditional method. Gentle adjusting tools deliver a small, controlled thrust to the target area without twisting or other traditional movements.

They Are Combined with Other Techniques for Optimal Results

Adjustments are highly effective at treating pain, but misalignment often results in issues in the soft tissues. If these issues are not addressed, they can impact the newly restored alignment. Therefore, other techniques are combined with adjustments to ensure lasting relief.

Experience the difference chiropractic adjustments can make in your life by visiting Dr. Santiago and the team at Santiago Chiropractic in Gun Barrel City, TX. Call (214) 728-8863 to schedule an appointment today. 

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